Friday, November 23, 2007

The Beginning

Just finished up the first Holiday of the season at the restaurant and released my first wine list so I figured it would be a good time to write my first blog entry with plenty to talk about.

To start off I am relieved to say that after working 14 hours yesterday this Holiday was the best we have ever had. This year we limited seating, increased the amount of staff we had on and I would say improved the food quality. From what people said after asking for me or flaging me over to their tables we did a great job. Many said that our holiday buffets will now be a family tradition. After working a sold out brunch we rolled over quickly to a sold out dinner.

I have never seen the space look better with our X-Mas tree up giving great lighting and all the big tops in place it seemed cozy. Gave me the idea to buy more tables as well. Never realized that we had so much open space, what I see now as too much. As I have been told people like being in a restaurant "assholes to elbows". Dinner was busy and was the first night with my new wine list out. I received it late and with many corrections still needed, so instead of putting it in our wine book I paper clipped the pages together. The only people that thought it odd were my co-workers and I was glad just to get it our there. If you are giving people a new list with more options and in some cases cheaper juice what do they care, 4-star or not.

We moved a lot of wine in places that I wanted to. The Sharecroppers PN from OR. sold well - 4 bottles (2 more tonight) and my 8 bottles for 28 dollars took off. Glad to see because that was the main change that I made. I want everyone to have a bottle on their table and not have to labor over getting a bottle or not. 28 bucks for an average bottle of wine, why not?

Also tasted an amazing wine to celebrate which I will write about tomorrow. And will be posting my wine list on here for your viewing pleasure, once I get the corrections completed, please let me know your thoughts.

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Popehammer said...

Glad to hear it was such a success... I'm looking forward to seeing your list. It will be fun to try and track down the bottles out here in Boston.